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We, 18-05-2022
Головна » 2022 » February » 11 » Properly create your first vegetable patch in the garden
Properly create your first vegetable patch in the garden

vegetable patch garden Rectangle and square are two geometric figures that dominate in vegetable gardens. The reason is simple. The straight line facilitates tillage, the passage of the wheelbarrow, as well as the maintenance of crops. In this rectilinear universe, the gardener will bring fantasy by favoring visually strong associations of vegetables or by introducing flowers.

In a single plot, rows of vegetables follow each other every 50 cm. “Passes-pieds” separate them, narrow and sown with green manures (clover, spinach, etc.) that can be trampled. Rotation is easy: just shift the lines. The plants are close and their associations effective.

Bed culture

The beds are plots of land that accommodate 2 to 5 rows of vegetables, different or not. Their uniform width is approximately 1.20 m: the gardener reaches the center by stretching out his arm. The beds are separated by passages 30 cm wide, covered with mulch, slabs, stones or grass to limit grass growth.

Divide the vegetable garden to reign better

Growing vegetables in beds or squares is aesthetic, but also practical. The gardener saves time when he has to hoe or mulch the soil in a square rather than in a dispersed manner. He is also able to adapt the watering, fertilizers and manures as precisely as possible to the requirements of the vegetables grown on the same plot. Saving time and products.

Square vegetable garden: making its borders

The square vegetable garden, or a garden bed (Hochbeet Metall in German, where they are the most popular) is ideal in a small garden. You create it wherever you want and you cultivate it freely. Some are ephemeral, the time of the beautiful season, others will serve you for many years.

An expression known to everyone can cover a large number of different interpretations. This is the case with the vegetable patch, often rectangular, sometimes high, if not low, filled with soil or lined with pots... In practice, no two squares are alike. And sticking to the basics is the best way to give shape to your personal creations.

vegetable patch garden

Regarding the dimensions, you must be able to access the entire surface of your square without having to walk inside. Allow a distance of 60 to 80 cm measured from each edge. To work without discomfort from each side, you can plan measures of 120 to 160 cm in width (2 x 60 to 2 x 80 cm).

To choose the location, take into account the sunshine, exposure and orientation. When creating the squares, remember to set up a water supply that will supply each plot. For this type of culture, drip is ideal.

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